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We are excited to announce that the Scyron has moved!  As of March 3rd, 2014 we have moved our offices into the Regus complex located in the Blythe Valley Park, just off Junction 4 of the M42.

Our new address is:

Birmingham Blythe Valley Park
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Blythe Valley Business Park
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Scyron would like to welcome all visitors to visit at our stand (C27) during the
Security and Policing Exhibition 2014 show on 11th to 13th March

Scyron Stand

This has been another great year for Scyron and its customers, and we are delighted to be able to show once again, why we are our customers first choice for video management solutions in the UK.

Our DVR partners (Ovation [H12] and TimeSpace [D32]) are also attending the show again this year, so why not pop along to them to get a first hand view of how our solution is tailor made for them and their customers, and how you can benefit today.

Why not come along to our stand, and find out more about our latest developments.

New version of Video Inspector is now available.
New version of Media Presenter is now available.
Replacement for Mosaic called Mask is now available.
and much much more…

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Existing customers, please contact us ( to secure your upgrade as soon as possible, to start gaining the benefits of the new version today.

New customers, please contact us on 08454 606 999, where we can review your requirements and help you solve your video management problems today.

We look forward to seeing you at the show.

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Body Worn Video – footage management nightmare!!!


from: Global Banking and Finance Review – JAN 31st 2014

Police forces under pressure to issue officers with body-worn video cameras face an “administrative nightmare” in storing and processing the resulting footage, it was warned today.

Pressure is mounting on forces to equip all officers with lapel-worn cameras in the wake of the shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham, London, and the “plebgate” row in which words spoken by Downing Street police officers to MP Andrew Mitchell were disputed.

But the result would be hours of footage which needs to be stored, processed and analysed – and forces could find themselves swamped with digital data.

In May 2013 Home Secretary Theresa May called for all officers walking the beat to wear body-mounted cameras, telling the Police Federation’s annual conference in Bournemouth: “Body-worn cameras can help improve the collection of evidence.”

Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has said armed officers will trial cameras for armed officers as a result of the Duggan shooting – and several police forces are already preparing to go further by widening their deployment to include all officers on the front line.

Staffordshire Police are to become the first to supply all PCs with video cameras to record high-definition and sound, buying 500 devices at a cost of more than £300,000.

And this week Sir Stephen House, Chief Constable of Police Scotland, told the Scotsman on Sunday that a roll-out of body-worn cameras to all officers in Scotland was likely. They have already been trialled in Aberdeen and Paisley.

The devices have been praised as they can save court preparation time, often force an early guilty plea and can help make sure vexatious complaints about officers’ conduct can be quickly dealt with and dismissed.

Currently, each police force deploying the technology sets its own rules for how it is used – but the College of Policing, which sets standards and issues guidance for the policing profession, is carrying out a study assessing the impact of body-worn video.

This could lead to the systematic and standardised deployment of cameras, potentially leading to all forces using it and producing a huge increase in the number of devices used and the amount of footage gathered.

Footage recorded by the devices needs to be processed, meaning forces potentially face the headache of dealing with thousands of hours worth of footage collected by officers.

Peter Franklin is business manager of Scyron, a technology firm which works extensively with police forces and whose video analysis software was used by prosecutors to help secure a conviction in the case of Daniel Pelka, who was murdered by his mother and partner.

Peter said: “Body worn video cameras are a very effective tool in gathering evidence and it seems inevitable that further down the line, all forces will be using the technology in some form.

“All that footage has to be stored, processed and analysed where needed if it is to be used effectively. That is a huge job for police forces and those we are talking to have concerns about how they are going to be able to cope with the amount of video they are going to have on their hands.

“For example, even if only 10,000 of the Metropolitan Police’s 35,000 officers are on duty and videoing an eight-hour shift, that’s 80,000 hours of video a day to process. It’s potentially an administrative nightmare for police forces and there’s a real concern about whether they will be able to cope.”

Scyron, based in Birmingham, is a leading provider of software used by several police forces to process data.

Among its products is video analysis software that saves police officers time sifting through footage by automatically processing the clips and identifying incidents that may be of interest. For example, it can be told to scan a particular area of the footage to identify changes, such as a car being broken into.

Scyron has included this technology in a new piece of software aimed at helping forces deal with the amount of footage produced by officers using body-worn video.

The application, called Scyron Media Manager, enables users to effectively and automatically capture, manage and store digital evidence from body-worn video – for example footage taken from smartphones and vehicles – in a way that complies with regulations including the Data Protection Act and Home Office guidelines.

When an officer has made an arrest and captured evidence on video the software enables them to download the footage to a central system quickly and efficiently. That footage can instantly transferred to DVD so it can be used in interview – reducing the number of times when a suspect must be released from police custody so video can be processed.

The software also automatically produced a standard format witness statement to further reduce the time spent on administration.

Scyron’s video analysis products are already used by several police forces and the firm is preparing for a rush as forces seek solutions to cope with the added burden of dealing with video.

Peter added: “Body worn video is an immensely powerful tool and used properly it can have huge benefits, not least in saving time for police forces in gathering evidence.

“Using our software a suspect who has been arrested could be interviewed in the back of a police car and the interview recorded on its in-built camera. That could then be wirelessly sent to a central database and processed automatically. By the time the suspect is brought back into the police station, the interview and any accompanying video evidence can be ready for officers to review.

“It is vitally important that police forces have the right systems in place to ensure video evidence becomes a benefit and not a burden. Its use has the potential to transform policing for the better as long as forces make sure that they are able to harness it properly.”

Scyron already works extensively with police forces and agencies in the UK including West Midlands Police, the Metropolitan Police and the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

It has developed a range of software including:

Video Inspector – video analysis software which can analyse 24 hours of footage in around 40 minutes, identifying potential incidents of interest for police to review

Mask – enables forces to take video and pixilate out faces or numberplates for use in witness appeals

Smart extractor – takes video footage from any source – for example from CCTV and smartphones – and enable it to be used in a single system

Media presenter – software used by prosecutors to take pictures, documents and videos in any format and use them to create a project to build and present a case in court

Scyron is part of Basingstoke-based Centerprise International, which is one of the largest and most respected IT providers in the UK and delivers large-scale IT projects in the corporate, education and government sectors.

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What is mask?

If you have video clips from CCTV of other digital sources you need to use, but are prevented as this would identifiy places, people or objects, you can use MASK to hide and protect these features of your footage or highlight areas of interest with zooming etc.

What is the name of your product or service:      Mask

What date was it launched onto the market:        Latest version – October 2013

In short, what is this solution?
Mask allows you to distribute your video and image files to the public or to be used in a courtroom prosecution while enhancing the video or image to ensure it can be presented safely.

Some of the reasons you would be otherwise unable to use the file would be that it would identify a key witness, undercover officer, location etc. With the ability to “mask” and protect the identity of these areas by pixilation etc. the files can be used without fear of putting lives in danger. In addition, you can also highlight areas of interest in the video or image, by enlarging that area, or adjusting the contrast/brightness etc. to make that usable.

What are the solutions features:
Selection of masking features (Foreground: Solid, Pixelate, Blur, Watermark, Highlight, Outline, Zoom, Obscure, Enhance / Background: Solid, Outline, Pixelate / Enhance), Support for HD and other video types, support for image files

Where could this solution be used?
Data protection, video and image enhancement, courtroom evidence enhancement / identity protection, person or object tracking..

What are its unique selling points?
Easy to use, support for HD, H264 and other file types, image file support, What you see is what you get (WYSISYG) user interface

Where has this solution been used or been implemented by a law enforcement or security agency.

This product has been in use with U.K. police forces and special units like West Midlands Police, the most recent being the Daniel Pelka murder case which resulted in a murder conviction for a minimum of 30 years. Mask was used to highlight areas on the video and hide/protect others.

Where can I find out further information?



What is video inspector?

If you have large amounts of CCTV or digital video footage that needs reviewing, then Video Inspector is the product you need.

What is the name of your product or service:      Video Inspector

What date was it launched onto the market:        Latest version – October 2013

In short, what is this solution?
Video Inspector was designed to remove the tedious task of watching long video files by officers or the CCTV operators which were prone to human error and provided inaccurate results. Over its development lifetime, it has now become a single to multi-user system which can accurately pick out from specified search criteria, highlights from the entire video which show the activity being looked for, such as when a suspect enters or exits a building during the duration of the video footage. This is all done in a matter of minutes.

With the multi-user version, you are able to review huge amounts of video footage, with the footage being analysed and reviewed at the same time. More recent updates have included the support for many more native video file types, and market leading DVR’s such as Ovation Afterburner and TimeSpace.

What are the solutions features:
Frame accuracy, multi-user, quick review of results, multi-search capabilities, multi-zone, designed to work with Ovation Afterburner & Timespace recorders

Where could this solution be used?
Review of lengthy CCTV and video footage. Creation of image files or small video segments from the video file provided by a Digital Video Recorder(DVR), such as Ovation Afterburners 1&2 or TimeSpace X200, X300.

What are its unique selling points?
Accuracy, built in features, scalability, multi-user, price.

Where has this solution been used or been implemented by a law enforcement or security agency.

This product has been in use with all U.K. police forces that use the product to break the back of the workload at the beginning of an investigation where large amounts of video footage are seized to build up intelligence and to present to suspects during the investigation. Finally, the video clips produced from the master video are used in court to aid in a conviction.

Where can I find out further information?


What is media presenter?

If you need to present information to a group of people or have important information to present in court, this is the solution you need.

What is the name of your product or service:      Media Presenter

What date was it launched onto the market:        Latest version – October 2013

In short, what is this solution?
Media presenter allows you to present your evidence files any way you want, in any order you want, at any time you want during a live presentation or briefing. Various file types (video, images, documents, webpages etc) can be dragged and dropped on to the user interface and displayed on an external screen(s) at will. In addition, the presentation can be further enhanced by linking videos or other file types to images and displayed on the external displays at the click of a mouse.

This assists in the flow of the presentation, as it allows for jumping around the presentation at will to answer questions and provides a more efficient way of getting your evidence presented.

What are the solutions features:
Drag and Drop interface, Video enhancements, Clip Editing, Image Annotation, Pack-and-Go, Full audit log

Where could this solution be used?
Courtroom evidence presentations, meeting presentations, military and police briefings

What are its unique selling points?
Easy to use, instant recognition of file types, linking of files to build your presentation

Where has this solution been used or been implemented by a law enforcement or security agency.

This product has been in use with U.K. police forces such as Greater Manchester Police, and West Midlands Police, the most recent being the Daniel Pelka murder case which resulted in a murder conviction for a minimum of jail term of 30 years. Media presenter was used exclusively to present the evidence gathered by the West Midlands Police.

Where can I find out further information?

Body Worn Video

Body Worn Video is once again a hot topic, and the same fundamental problems still exist.

Some of these were raised in these articles

Its a great idea to help the front line officers in their daily duties, but the bottleneck of captured evidence simply moves to somewhere else. Once you have armed your officers with this equipment, then how do you use the video you have captured?

There are so many solutions to choose from its difficult to compare one against another to find the right solution.

Scyron’s view is not really about the capture of the video, as there are numerous cameras out in the market to deal with this, of various prices, features and designs.

Scyron has concentrated on what you do with your video once you have it. This is a far bigger problem and is somewhat overlooked when reviewing the problems on the front line.

Before investing in a solution, ask yourself the following questions:

Now you have all this useful video – What are you going to do with it?

How will you view / review your video footage?
How will you process your video footage?
How will you protect your video footage?
How will you deal with data protection requests?
How will you store this huge amount of video?
How will you present this video footage?

Scyron has a number of solutions to deal with these problems, such as our Body Worn Video manager which enables front line officers to easily transfer their captured video footage from the unit, or the memory card on to a computer, and archive it to DVD in a matter of minutes.

In terms of dealing with data protection requests, we have a solution called MASK that can be used to protect or enhance objects or people captured on video.

And, finally, once you have overcome all these issues, how are you going to present this video footage in court. Well, once again, Scyron has the answer. Their Media Presenter solution has an excellent track record of gaining conviction after conviction, by using its easy to use, yet powerful, non-liner solution.

Scyron has a number of solutions:


Please contact Scyron for further details of any of our solutions you may be interested in.